Urotainer for Support Workers

taught by Georgie McGrath RN
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Georgie McGrath RN
Georgie McGrath RN
Disability & Rehabilitation CNC

About the instructor

Georgina (aka Georgie) McGrath established McGrath Nursing Consultancy in 2017. Georgie has over 10 years’ experience working in private practice as a Rehabilitation Clinical Nurse Consultant.  To learn more about Georgie:  https://www.mcgrathnursing.com.au/meet-the-team 

Georgie worked during her Registered Nursing undergraduate training days as an Assistant in Nursing on an inpatient Spinal Unit.  Since graduating in late 1993 she has held a variety of positions from Community Spinal Adviser; Spinal Cord Injuries Clinical Nurse Consultant, Nurse Unit Manager (Brain Injury Unit); Nurse Educator (Rehabilitation and Stroke Program); Case Manager/Care Coordinator, Rehabilitation Clinical Nurse Consultant and Team Leader for a large care provider.

Georgie has held positions in Sydney and as far north as Townsville and gathered multiple experiences that enrich her practice along the way. She holds post graduate qualifications in Community Nursing; Clinical Rehabilitation and Nurse Life-Care Planning.

This short course is designed for Support Workers assisting clients with disabilities with Urotainer (BBraun). 

NOTE: the Urotainer product must be recommended and prescribed for the client by and appropriately qualified health professional

Course Contents

1 Quiz
1 Text